The Sivummut IV Conference was held on December 1 – 4, 2014 in Iqaluit.The Theme of the conference was Parnaqatigiit – Planning Ahead Together.

Key stakeholders were invited to share their experience and work with others to help plan Nunavut’s next decade of economic growth and development. 

Participants in the conference ranged from government groups, NGOs and others. The full participant list is available here and conference notes  are also available. 

Conference Invitation

Over the past decade Nunavut’s economy has grown rapidly. People in many communities and industries now have direct experience on what economic growth really means in Nunavut, and how it affects people’s lives. Our challenge now is to find ways to sustain our economic growth while also building community well-being for the next decade. Sivummut IV will bring experienced people together who will share their successes and challenges, work with others from across the territory, and together, plan how to sustain our economic growth while working for community well-being for our future. 

The Theme of the Conference is Parnaqatigiit – Planning Ahead Together which will focus on: 

 • Sharing experiences and insights with others. 

• Working with Nunavummiut who experienced the economic growth and community change first hand over the past decade. 

 • Planning our next decade on how to sustain economic growth while ensuring community well-being.


 December 1-4, Iqaluit

Registration Information 

 There is no fee to attend and registration is online starting November 1, 2014 at

 Why Attend?

 The planning process needs people with direct experience to work with others to provide strategic input into the Nunavut Economic Development Strategy (NEDS2). NEDS2 will be Nunavut’s road map for 2014-2024 to help us sustain economic growth, while building community well-being. 

 Who is behind the conference? 

 Nunavut Economic Forum is leading the renewal process with our partners:

 • Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. 

• Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency 

 • Government of Nunavut’s Department of Economic Development & Transportation 

 This is the fourth Sivummut conference held in Nunavut and has been conceived to build on the previous three Sivummut conferences (held in 1994, 2003 and 2009) and work done by the Nunavut Economic Forum over the past few years towards developing a new Nunavut Economic Development Strategy – NEDS2. The Sivummut IV Conference promises to be a critical session, as we incorporate our expanded experience in Nunavut‘s economic growth and development to guide the development of an effective strategy for 2014-2024.